Th Ajvir Singh Sandhu Leadership Foundation offers small grants (up to £500) to individuals who require funds to access or unlock new opportunities. Examples include requesting funds to undertake a course, requesting funds to facilitate an activity (i.e. cost of travel / equipment / accommodation etc) or requesting funds to lead an event to benefit the local community.


In 2019, AjvirLF supported a social action campaign to help a group of young people raise awareness around the human impact of climate change in the local community. The organisation was spreading its message through online channels and was seeking to take interaction offline and host an event to create a greater impact. AjvirLF provided funds to the group to host a session which showed a screening of the film ‘Disruption Climate Change’ and arranged a panel discussion led by an individual who has been displaced by an extreme weather event. The event was also an opportunity to engage people in a participatory art project through creating postcards which reflected the participants’ fears and hopes using them to inspire politicians to create positive change. The group is led by 4 people aged 21 to 25 who are incredibly committed to making a difference which demonstrates the ideal AjvirLF candidate.


AjvirLF provided the appropriate funding to the group to enable them to host their event and supported them in the crucial transition between online and offline communication. The event was attended by 20 people from across London and the information from the evening was sent to each attendee’s local council to encourage them to take action. Every attendee (and others who registered via Eventbrite) was also emailed a list of actions they could take part in after the event. The organiser commented “even if 10% of these actions are taken, it will produce a significant amount of pressure on decision makers to act on climate. I was proud to lead this event and will continue to engage with people through a social media campaign, and plan to work more on issues around climate change when I start university in September. I am very grateful to the foundation for helping make this event possible”.

Beneficiary Feedback

“The Ajvir Singh Sandhu Leadership Foundation provided me with the financial support which enabled me to hold a successful film screening on Tuesday 11th June. The screening was a call to action to encourage others to take action on climate change. This is an extremely important matter, especially for young people who will be living through the most extreme changes in the future.”.