The Ajvir Singh Sandhu Leadership Foundation is working alongside Warwick University Business School to identify a candidate who is extremely committed to their education and also displays strong signs of entrepreneurial potential. AjvirLF has committed to supporting one individual per year and covering full tuition fees for an undergraduate degree.


What Does It Involve?

Each year Warwick Business School will advertise the grant to incoming students. Following a successful application to enrol onto an undergraduate degree out Warwick, students will be required to put forward further information to demonstrate their commitment to securing financial support from AjvirLF. This stage of the process involves a written application, formal interviews and an overview of a business idea which they have thought of themselves. Based on these factors, Warwick University will select the candidate which displays the greatest commitment to their education and a strong desire to build a business which both has good foundations and, an element of giving back to the wider community.



2019 was the first year AjvirLF issued its grant. The opportunity was awarded to an extremely committed individual who has come through their first foundation year at Warwick and shown exceptional commitment to achieving both their academic and entrepreneurial dreams. Throughout the undergraduate degree, the student will be given full financial support as well as the opportunity to work with the WBS mentoring network to help support the business proposition put forward.