Ajvir’s Story

When Ajvir was younger he tried a variety of sports and activities, but nothing held his interest until he was introduced to the air cadets at age 13. The squadron leader remembers how a confident 13 year old walked up to him on his second session with 241 Air Cadet Squadron and asked how he could become a fast jet pilot.

Ajvir fully embraced life with the air cadets, serving for 7 years until he left at 20 as a Cadet Warrant Officer with a Flying Scholarship, Gliding Scholarship and Gold DoE. During his time, he also immersed himself in the experience as a Mountain Leader, participating in a parachute course, Alpine rock climbing, shooting at Bisley, leadership courses, visiting the Falklands and was appointed as the Lord Lieutenants Cadet for London in 2009 where he met the Queen and was honoured to be part of trooping the colours parade . Through numerous accolades, Ajvir’s leadership skills always shone through. Under his command as Cadet Warrant Officer the squadron won the Lees Trophy in 2008 and it was due to his willingness to help his peers and his officers to make sure that everyone flourished around him that success was shared by all.

Despite his clear commitment to a career in the RAF, Ajvir still went on to study Geology at Durham University. He spent much of his time with Northumbria University Air Squadron and was appointed senior student for NUAS, never losing sight of his goal and continually looking forward to when he would start his Initial Officers Training. Ajvir was devastated when in 2014 the military announced a hold on new pilots joining and drastically cutting current members in training. Undeterred and firmly stating 'I don't have a plan b' Ajvir decided to stay on at Durham to complete a masters, in the hope the situation would change by the time he graduated. Achieving a first class honours degree at the end of his academic career Ajvir was delighted that his plan had fallen into place as he started Initial Officers Training one month later. It was no surprise that when Ajvir began his official military career, he continued to move from strength to strength. Passing out of Initial Officer Training having gained the Hennessy Trophy and Phillip Sasson Memorial prize, Ajvir was streamed to fast jets in 2015 and started his training at the elite Linton-on-Ouse base, where even among his peers he stood out as a recognised leader. His passion and hunger for flying was a constant. He was thrilled to fly with the Red Arrows and the Slovakian Airforce in MiGs and it was experiences like these that filled his short life. Perhaps he had to pack so much in because he was given such little time.

Ajvir's focus, compassion and determination made him who he was. He lived to fly and only wanted to be the best. He tragically lost his life on 30th April 2016 while flying with his friend and colleague from Linton-on-Ouse. He leaves behind him a set of memories and friendships which will never be forgotten. He was born to be leader but perhaps that came second to being a loving son and brother and a legendary friend and colleague.